Tuesday, May 24, 2011


as title, i'm backed ;)
finished my exam on last Saturday night 
nice yea...hahaa :D
went to kl on Sunday noon
SHOPPING TIME^^, bought one dress only
as the designs for those clothes no big differences
after that high tea with my cousin at Starbucks coffee
ordered two frapuccino and one tiramisu cake 
after finished and went back home :D 

                me with frapuccino :)                            cousin with tiramisu ;)

Friday, May 6, 2011


seriously, i have no time to update my blog :P
too much course works need to be done :(
assignment, quiz , my website. GOSH !

done my last online quiz just now ^^
woohoo! relaxed abit yea! ;)
will start my revision from tonight yea!
fight for final exam! last sem d ^^
it's almost one year since i came to malacca 
hehe.Will catch up with u all after i finish my final :D

good luck and all the best to me and my friends
who are facing exam now :D