Thursday, June 30, 2011

new try ^^

went to squash training yesterday
quite a different compare to badminton

actually i'm lazy and afraid of it before the training start
try to escape and skip the training. hehee
a very nice game and hopefully i can enjoy of it :D
will try to motivate myself and play better next time. 
nice try and new experience. i like it :)

and now, the effects is coming to me 
whole body muscle pain.... :'(
hell pain
perhaps i did not do exercise for quite a long time
that's why this happened to me  =(

anyway, i will try to love this sports 
buck up :D

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


let's see some photos
Aha, there you go :D

                                             Pollo E Funghi   

         Pina Colada                                   Jump Up and Kiss Me    
Went to pavilion with cousin,Sally on last Saturday 
this meal is combine of breakfast, lunch and dinner
taken at 3pm and spent RM100+ for this 3 items :O
quite expensive eh
but the pizza is delicious and special  :)

The decoration of restaurant, Michelangelo's

Then, take some photo with ours lovely beverage :D

 photo taken before we leaved. hahaha XD
waiting for the next time. 


yet, something bad happened 
my lovely rose ring spoiled when i reached kl :'(
just wear it few times only
and this photo is the last memory 
me with my lovely ring. RIP 

Friday, June 24, 2011

New Life


My single life
the end of my 2&half year relationship
allow me to spend a week pass through this darkness
just give me sometime and i will get over you 
memories may fade but it will never be erased
goodbye my love,take care

People always say 
perhaps, i should enjoy my single life.
don't cry over the past, it is gone.
LOVE is not easy.
So don't fall in love, there's just too much to lose

Friday, June 10, 2011

new sem, new life, new pressure

i'm here to update my blog. teehee ;)
finished my two weeks holidays and now
the new trimester starts :D

it had been one year plus since i came to malacca
finished my foundation course and
continue my degree course
a new step in my life.
will try my best to make it beautiful and meaningful ^^

yet, there is something regretful
my friend that i knew her since the 2nd trimester
had withdrawal herself from the uni and 
transfer to another one.
sad to heard it. miss her much. 
a good and funny friend :D
hope to see you in the coming monday and 
maybe in the future. 
take care Janet!!
wish you have a fun time in inti and 
dont be afraid of your new life
it's time for you to be independent and be brave. 
you are always in my heart. <3

Before the trimester started, 
have had fun times with my bff in malacca
Bought a new spec. lol. nice?

chicken little looks? hahaa


hopefully next time we can go to somewhere far from us
taiwan, bali, paris and more :)
is really a good time being with them.