Tuesday, July 5, 2011


well, congrats me
i'm totally let go of him
good news right? teehee  :)

there is no point of keep thinking this guy
no worth to be sad for this kind of guy
be with him for 2 and half year 
now only realize what kind of man he is. 
such a shit. :p
that's why people always say that 

my life will be better without you 
my life will be happier without you 
for me, you are nothing now
just another stranger in my life 

thanks to my friends 
who had listened to my grumble for the past few days 
i'm really appreciate it.  
thanks for all the concerns, support,
and enlighten me :)
i love you all. 

lastly, as my friend said,
'ALL THE BEST' to you, MR FOO!!!

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