Thursday, July 28, 2011


Recently busy with those assignments and midterm tests
no time for me to update my blog. lol 
this few days quite emo le..
i dunno whats wrong with me 
waiting for someone message, sigh!!
feel frustrated towards everything. hmphh!!

Plan to go kl on this Saturday 
but things seems like not going on as planned. 
too bad!! still thinking going or not.

yesterday my bro told me that
he wont bring anything back from Europe.
i think he is overspent and broke. lol 
such a sad new ya!
 at least buy something for me mah. hehee
anyway,wish him has a safe journey and 
has a great birthday there. 

everything around me seems not going on well
hopefully i can have a better life in next month.
teehee. GOD BLESS ME ya ^@^

Share a photo with you all 
this photo was taken on last sunday 
when i went to one utama 
there is a road show of Hyundai.
just for fun la sitting inside the new car. LOL

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