Monday, August 1, 2011

31/7 - 1/8/2011

the day before 1st Aug, 
31/7/2011, Sunday 

Shopping with my parents
bought 3 clothes and 2 dress ^_^
after that they sent me go for a hair cut 
Cut my hair with my sweetie together
and then went for hi-tea with my parents 


After that, they bring me out for dinner
somewhere around mountain
nice atmosphere there 
quite a relaxing and joyful night.
thank you dad & mum 
i love you two ^_^
i'm happy and satisfied on that day 

1/8/2011, Monday 

After 12:00am, 
suddenly my hp charger spoiled
cannot charging phone. suck ya!!
and many things happened today 
i dunno how to type it out
everything is bad!!
Still, Aug is not a good month for me 

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