Sunday, August 14, 2011

Outing ♥

WED 10/8/2011

First outing with all my girls 
happy and wonderful night ♥

Went to BOSTON for our dinner first 
then went to GOGO chiong k 
so nice yea, chiong k after dinner ^^b

on the way to BOSTON 
took some pictures in the car
hehe. trying jane's new camera

 not bad yea, the camera! hahaa XD

we made order after all girls are reached
while waiting for those foods, 
take photo again. hahaa

after waiting for around 10-15 minutes

Jane and Janet's cheese baked rice           

took photo with Grace's drink, Mocha ^@^

 and this is my meal, actually is a meal set. 
contain garlic bread,mushroom soup,steak,and ice lemon tea.
the steak not very nice, others are okay. 
finished it by myself and 
1/3 portion of my friend's rice.
i think my friends got shocked. 
i have such a big appetite. LOL

After dinner, went to GOGO 
chiong k chiong k ^^
of course we took some pictures there.

Photos i took with 5 of them 
and below there is the first photo that we all in :)

we left there around 1 something
they went back home
i went to yamcha with another friend. lol
reached home around 3am. 
Crazy night. i'm lovin it 
looking forward to our next outing, 

lastly, thank you all of you for appear in my life. 
i'm appreciate and cherish the friendship among us. 
and thank you for tolerate me
i think my friends cannot stand me already.
keep taking photo. hahaa

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